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Right around the time when I found out about TCT, I had just come home from serving overseas. I’m disabled, and I only have one working hand. I remember, I couldn’t see any point in signing up for TCT because I’ve never been computer savvy. When I got started, I jumped right in. I’m only able to use one hand on my computer, but I was determined to make this work. I liked the confirmation bay stats to get ideas on what to promote for the most sales. In my first weekend, I ended up making like $400! When I have questions, the folks at TCT are really friendly and supportive - it’s a real team that cares about my success. I feel like I’m in good hands!

I don't recommend things until I can personally vouch that they work... and TCT does just that - it works great! I had a lot of credit card debt my ex left me and it’s been hard to climb back up. Everyone in the TCT circle has been SO helpful… I feel like… finally, someone cares about my success… not just my money. I’d say anyone that thinks they’ve gotta be a internet marketing wiz to do well with this… that’s not at all the case. That’s what I love about it - it was all really easy to run for as a newbie. I was able to pay my parents back, and now I’m about to buy a brand new van. Like I said, I can’t say enough about it all - it’s been awesome!!

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